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We are pleased to bring our readers the second instalment of the tenth anniversary issue of New Male Studies - An International Journal , in Volume 10, Issue 2,  2021. COVID-19 is still with us as are the inevitable delays it brings among which include the late publication of this issue of the Journal.  In Volume 10, Issue 2 we  have  contributors from the UK, the USA and Australia. As usual the content  is thought-provoking with authors offering innovative research findings, enlightening commentary and challenging analysis and opinion in topics that enrich the contemporary understanding of maleness. 

As always it should be noted note that the opinions expressed by the authors herein do not necessarily reflect those of the Journal Editorial team. Papers offered here are presented in the spirit of open, evidence-based dialogue regarding gender, relationships and related issues.

We hope you enjoy reading the eclectic mix of articles in this issue of the Journal.






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Published: 2022-05-29


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