New Male Studies, Volume 7, Issue 2, cover page

Welcome to Volume seven, Issue two of New Male Studies - An International Journal, which publishes articles on a variety of topics that enrich our understanding of maleness, of boys’ and men’s embodied experience.

In this issue, we again have an international cast of authors with submissions from Australia, Denmark, the UK, Canada, and the USA.

As usual, the Journal brings its readers challenging and thought-provoking content intended to challenge currently accepted ‘wisdom’ and traditional schools of thought in the case of this issue exploring topics intended to enrich our contemporary understanding of maleness.

As always the authors present their positions with well-reasoned argument underpinned by considered thought, sound evidence and in selected cases, lived experience.

It should be noted note that the opinions expressed by the authors herein do not necessarily reflect those of the Journal Editorial team. Papers offered here are presented in the spirit of open, evidence-based dialogue regarding gender, relationships and related issues.

We hope you enjoy reading the eclectic mix of articles in this second issue of the Journal for 2018.


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Published: 2019-02-11


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