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Creator of the blog Gynocentrism And Its Cultural Origins


The phenomenon of chivalry, alternatively termed benevolent sexism, is frequently studied in terms of its importance to and impact on women. This essay looks at the evolution of the concept from its medieval beginnings to when it later branched into two distinct forms; military chivalry and romantic chivalry. It summarizes the nature of romantic chivalry and reviews some key findings of recent studies, including men’s embodied experiences of romantic chivalry in relation to psychosocial health. The essay concludes that romantic chivalry is a sexist convention and asks whether it’s time to de-genderize its principles of operation.

Keywords: chivalry, benevolent sexism, gynocentrism, entitlement, masculinities, men

Author Biography

Peter Wright, creator of the blog Gynocentrism And Its Cultural Origins, is a gender-relations historian and advocate for men's issues. He has published numerous essays at A Voice for Men, edited a three-book series of writings by Ernest Belfort Bax, and published 14 books including *Red Pill Psychology: Psychology for Men in a Gynocentric World, *Gynocentrism: From Feudalism to the Modern Disney Princess, and *Surviving The Disability Sector: A Guide for Men (co-authored with Hanna Wallen). He currently works in the disability sector as a Development Officer and lives on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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