New Male Studies: An International Journal (NMS) inaugurates its monograph series with the essay In SEX DIFFERENCE EXPLAINED From DNA to Society: Purging Gene Copy Errors, by independent British researcher Steve Moxon.

In this monograph Steve argues that all major aspects of male-female human sociality necessarily stem from biological principles; which all arise in solving the core problem faced by all life-forms: the relentless build-up of mistakes in the repeated copying of genes. The 'genetic filtering' to deal with this is the function of the male: The female contribution is carefully to choose only the most dominant / prestigious males, cross-checking that indeed they do possess the best gene sets. This ensures genetic mutations and other errors that would seriously compromise reproduction are purged from the local gene pool.

The detailed treatise is solidly grounded in the biological and other sciences and is offered in the interests of stimulating lively, informed discussion. We hope you enjoy the first in the NMS series of Monographs.

Miles Groth, Editor NMS

Published: 2016-11-25