Does masculinity need "redefining"?

Tim Goldich (
President of the Chicago chapter of the National Coalition for Men and member of the ManKind Project.


We don’t need a redefinition of masculinity; we need an improved understanding of what masculinity truly is—an understanding divested of stereotypes and misandry. The distinction between defining and redefining masculinity is crucial. To define masculinity is to respect masculinity as something real, something that we are endeavoring to understand more deeply. To redefine masculinity is to assume that masculinity is purely a social construct with no reality and no meaning beyond what we arbitrarily assign to it. And therefore, masculinity becomes a mere plaything for would-be sociologists, feminists, and special interest groups to re-define at their whim. Efforts to improve our imperfect definition of masculinity are valid, but efforts to redefine masculinity are not to be trusted.

Keywords: maleness, masculinity, misandry, stereotypes

Author Biography

Tim Goldich is the president of the Chicago chapter of the National Coalition for Men and an avid member of the ManKind Project, two organizations that variously support men politically and emotionally. He is also an educator and mentor to boys on their way to becoming men. Goldich facilitates the personal growth work of men on New Warrior Training Adventure weekends and of men and women on personal growth weekends called Path to Spirit. He is the author of four books, including Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics.

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