Critical gender theory and the U.S. election

Gerard Nicol (
Gerard Nicol is an consultant in enterprise storage management and data security as well as being a commentator on men's issues.


Written before the election results were official, this article examines Former-President Trump’s corrective response to his predecessor’s critical-gender-theory-informed policies and speculates what a Biden Administration might do to undermine it. Until recently, U. S.-Government employees were forced to sit through training programs that scapegoated half of the participants based upon the perverse concept of gender-based ancestry, where men are held responsible for the actions of every man who came before them. The author suggests a Biden Administration will reimplement these programs, and American society will be cast back into the Obama-era world of critical gender theory and College Title-IX kangaroo courts.

Keywords: Title ix, critical gender theory, gender, feminism, misandry

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Gerard Nicol has 27 years of experience in enterprise storage management and data security. He welcomes any comments in relation to this article and is happy to answer any questions that you may have.



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