BIOLOGY AND RITUAL OUTRAGE: The Future of Gender Relations

Gerhard Amendt (


The intense argument around the software developer James Damore and his then employer Google was not about the effectiveness of biology or society. For ideological reasons it was denied that differences between men and women in the professional world are increasingly due to independent decisions by women.

Keywords: gender, James Damore, Google, workforce relations, male studies

Author Biography

Gerhard Amendt, Ph.D., is an emeritus professor of the University of Bremen (Germany) and founder of the Institute for Gender & Generation Research. He has published numerous books and essays on the dialectic of gender relations and their conflict dynamics. Amendt is critical of any notion of gender with an inherent polarisation and instead proposes a dynamic model for reorientation within the gender arrangement. Amendt has worked in the past as a documentary filmmaker and had been for many years the chairman of the German Pro Familia, first clinic for abortions. Amendt is currently preparing a conference[1] aimed at professional helpers to familiarise them with the paradigm shift from polarisations to a dynamic understanding of violent conflicts in family and partnership.


[1]     Handling Conflicts without violence. Effective Means of Prevention at Goethe Universität in Frankfurt, Germany, from 13- 15 April 2018

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