Gender-Related Schemas and Suicidality: Validation of the Male and Female Traditional Gender Scripts Questionnaires

Martin Seager (
Luke Sullivan (
John Barry (


Background: The issue of whether gender-related attitudes underlie the sex difference in suicide has been relatively unexplored. This study sought to validate questionnaires measuring traditional male and female gender scripts in order to test the hypothesis that scores on these questionnaires predict suicidality.

Methods: The responses of 348 women and 170 men were analysed using factor analysis and hierarchical multiple regression.
Results: After controlling for other variables, two male gender subscales predicted risk of suicidality (Fight & Win, P<.001; Mastery & Control, P<.042), and one female gender subscale predicted reduced risk of suicidality (Family Harmony, P<.003). Conclusions: These novel findings have implications for understanding and predicting suicidality in men and women, and may be valuable in the clinical context.

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