If You Hit, You SitÂ: Implications of a Pilot Case Study of the Retired Male Primary Teacher

John Allison (johna@nipissingu.ca)
Douglas Gosse (douglasg@nipissingu.ca)
Michael Parr (mikep@nipissingu.ca)


During the early 2000s, the cries for male primary teachers grew louder in the Province of Ontario. The issue has many dimensions. This pilot study will examine some of these issues through the analysis of an oral history interview of a successful and retired male primary teacher. It intends to lay the groundwork and examine some of the issues that would arise in a bigger cross-generational analysis comparing retired male teachers life experiences with those of male pre-service teachers in their Faculty of Education programs. It also builds on the authors previous research into pre-service teachers. In particular the issues of isolation, role expectations and retention will be looked at. The paper will conclude by examining with some benefits of a future cross-generational research project.

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